What Is A Franco Chain?

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You might have come across the term Franco Chain when shopping for gold chain link necklaces and wondered the meaning behind it. Well, wonder no more, as Little John's Derby Jewelry will take you through the origins and all you need to know about Franco Chains.

What Are Franco Chains?

The Franco Chain, named after the designer who created it, is a beautiful gold necklace link designed in Italy and inspired by the popular curb link pattern. The main difference being that Franco Chain links are V-shaped and are significantly more intricate than the curb link but still retain the desirable qualities of the curb, like strength and durability.

Benefits Of Franco Chains

Their intricate design, strength, and durability have made Franco Chains one of the most sought-after chains. Here's a closer look at some of the benefits of this iconic hip-hop chain:

  • Strength: The tightly connected V-shaped links make Franco Chains super strong, meaning they are the perfect choice for pairing with a large or heavy pendant.
  • Durability: Franco Chains are your best bet if you're looking for a solid and durable chain. These chains will last several years if properly maintained.
  • They don't get tangled: Unlike other chains, Franco Chains' flexible nature means they don't kink or get caught when you're wearing them.
  • Timeless design: If you want a chain that works with your vibe and speaks to your style, Franco Chains are the answer. It is stylish enough to work on its own, and you can also complement it with pendants of all shapes and sizes.

Tips For Wearing Franco Chains

Franco Chains work well with both formal and casual outfits. If you're rocking a casual look, a simple Franco Chain with or without a pendant works well. For formal events, elevate your look with a pendant or consider layering up, wearing two or three chains at a time.

Where Can I Buy Authentic Franco Chains?

Contact Little John's Derby Jewelry for authentic, high-quality solid gold diamond cut Franco Chains and everything you need to get you shining.

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