What Is A Cuban Link Chain?

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For several decades now, the Cuban link chain has proved to be a timeless wardrobe staple, even managing to create its own subculture of jewelry. Different types of Cuban link chains have emerged, and this iconic accessory has even managed to bridge the gap between hip-hop and high fashion.

But what is a Cuban link chain, and why do people love it so much?

What Are Cuban Link Chains?

The Cuban link chain is a jewelry design that interlocks round or oval links in a rope pattern that will lie flat on your wrist or chest. Cuban links are among the strongest and slimmest designs, perfect for all wearers and outfit styles – a classic chain with a modern edge.

What Are The Different Types Of Cuban links?

There are two types of Cuban links:

  1. Classic/Miami Cuban link: This Cuban link features an oval or round interlocking pattern.
  2. Prong link: Prong links have sharper cuts, creating a woven square design.

What Are Cuban Link Chains Made Of?

Yellow gold is the most common material used to craft Cuban link chains. At Little John's Derby Jewelry, Cuban links are available in 10 and 14 karat gold, and you can also have it in silver or custom-made in whatever material you want.

Why Are Cuban Link Chains Popular?

There are a few reasons why the Cuban link stands out from the rest of the gold chains.

  • Hip-Hop legends love it: You don't have to look very far to find a Cuban gold link chain draped around the necks of hip-hop icons, new and old.
  • It's perfect for pendants: Cuban links are available in different weights, thicknesses, and lengths and are an excellent base for displaying pendants.
  • It can be iced-out: If you want an iced-out (diamond-studded) gold chain, the Cuban link is an excellent option because of its relatively flat surface that can be frosted with diamonds.
  • It is versatile: The Cuban link is the most adaptable of all gold chains. It can be worn solo, with a pendant, or iced-out, and it works with both casual and formal outfits.

Where Can I Buy Authentic Cuban Link Chains?

At Little John's Derby Jewelry, we've got the chains you're looking for. Our goal is to provide you with the best selection of hip-hop jewelry, from classics like the Cuban link with matching bracelet options to custom-made iced-out pieces.

Browse our extensive selection of gold and silver chains and explore some of our other accessories like bracelets, watches, and rings.

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