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      Cuban Chain - LJDJ Inc

      Cuban Chain

      Among necklace chain types, this one is often referred to as Miami Cuban. The slightly flattened and close set links can be, as with any other neck chain type, as large or as small as you want it. A timeless statement piece.  While men might opt for a chunkier design, women for whom this is the first time experimenting with Cuban chains can choose smaller millimeter links and combine it with almost all outfits in their closet.

      14Y 22 inches 6.7MM LITE MIAMI CUBAN - LJDJ Inc
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      14Y 5.4MM 20 inches LITE MIAMI CUBAN LINK - LJDJ Inc
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      14kt 20 inches 5.8MM YG MIAMI CUBAN LINK - LJDJ Inc
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